What is it?

InstaWishPoems.com is an english version of the polish website Instawierszyki.pl. It contains poems, wishes, text messages.

I created the website when I was 11 years old as one of my first websites in my life. After some short time I discovered my talent to Search Engine Optimisation and website has been highly ranked under a few popular keywords that have brought a lot of traffic and popularity. Since that time I have been developing the site and adding new features.

On December 2019 I decided to launch a second, english variant of the site - InstaWishPoems.com - that hopefully will be widely used by people all over the world.

Who is the founder of InstaWishPoems.com?

It's me - Bartek Mis :-) On a daily basis I am a web developer. I founded the Katowice studio of Bigger Picture in 2013, growing and managing a team of developers to build enterprise grade applications.

More information about me you can find on bartekmis.com.

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